Salt and Light Leadership Training

Developing Christian leaders to be an extravagant hope to their city.

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A redemptive vision of a city where everyone flourishes.

A united people sacrificing for something greater.


Why we exist.

To connect and catalyze followers of Jesus to become the extravagant hope to our city.


What we do.

SALLT invites people to join a movement that begins with personal transformation and culminates in city transformation.


How we do that.

We cultivate an ecosystem of content, community and experiences that equips leaders to be transformative in every sector of culture in our city.


Our Vision and Values.

Our mission is to call up the “army of ordinaries” to relentlessly pursue Jesus’ redemptive dream for every person, family, neighborhood and sector of culture in our city.


Our Story


Learning Communities.

Connecting and encouraging influencers in our city.