In 2008, Wes Lane began following a still small voice that heralded a hope and a future for the entire city.  He gathered leaders of our city who carried influence in diverse sectors of the culture and who, more importantly, carried God’s heart for the entire city.  These included David Green, Kirk Humphreys, Marc Nuttle, Jane Jayroe Gamble, Karla McAlistar, Tom Hill, Bobbie Burbridge Lane, and Kent Humphreys. This is where the Salt and Light Leadership Training began.

They committed to disciple influencers from every sector of culture to align with Jesus’ heart that everything in our city be made new.  In 2019, the SALLT community has grown to nearly 500 and represents the diverse geography, ethnicity, and culture of our city.  Following the example of William Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect, this uncommon coalition has birthed a variety of collaborative initiatives to promote Flourishing in our city.