Learning Communities


SALLT Signature

A nine month relational journey focused on personal transformation and collective impact. The experience is designed to unite diverse leaders in our city to give a shared vision, vocabulary and tools. It begins with a retreat and takes place in varying locations throughout the city. The Signature Class is invitation only for leaders over 40 and established in their field.

SALLT Young Leaders

Designed for emerging leaders and influencers in their 20s and 30s, this is a nine month journey that cultivates intentional mentorships, relational connections, and immersion experiences. SALLT Young Leaders is designed to unite diverse sectors of our city to give a shared vision, vocabulary and tools.

SALLT College

We are excited to create a Learning Community specifically for College Students. This will be a year long journey that provides relational connections, organic mentorship and unique immersion experiences. It will equip and inspire emerging leaders in the college sector. This program will build the bridge for Juniors and Seniors in central Oklahoma that are passionate and intentional about city connection and transformation.