Flourish 2019 Focus: Education


What is Flourish?

Flourish stands as the redemptive impact focus of SALLT working to see the Church of the City aligning with Jesus’ vision for the city in leadership and lifestyle. This is for the city.

In 2018, SALLT saw a need to unify varying organizations, sectors, and leaders toward one systemic issue. Flourish will be an annual rhythm that calls our city to See and Respond to a specific redemptive focus that we believe God is working in. SALLT is all about the power of purposeful networks. We will work to give energy, direct focus, and create space. Convening Leaders from every sector, Connecting people to resources, Creating Metrics to see progress, and Collecting Stories to encourage and sustain further action.

In the Fall, we identified the focus of the first Flourish year would be Education. We see a need to celebrate the faithful in education, while we also unify and champion platforms for people to join into.

We began gathering “Guides.” These are people who are already giving their life and commitment to make a difference organizationally and systemically in the Education sphere. In the Spring, we announced Flourish OKC and began to communicate this redemptive vision, along with the focus of this year.

All this to see a city where every child flourishes.


The redemptive focus for this year of Flourish is Education. Our city is at a crucial time in the conversation and work happening in caring for children through Education.




• Largest school district

• 46,000 students

• 88 schools

• 55 elementary

• 16 secondary

• 2 alternative

• 15 charter

• 4,600 employees

18% of 3rd grade students scoring proficient in reading for OSTP


• 53% Hispanic

• 23% African American

• 14% Caucasian

• 3% American Indian

• 2 % Asian

• Students and their families represent 52 different languages